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  • Uniswap Guide and Review

    Uniswap Guide and Review

    Uniswap Exchange is the most popular Decentralized Exchange (DEX) now, it supports ECR-20 token swaps and yield farming. In this guide and review, we will introduce how to use Uniswap’s swap, flash swaps, send and pool functions, and take a look at its pros and cons. What is Uniswap? Uniswap is a protocol for automatic […]

  • AAX Exchange Review and Tutorial

    AAX Exchange Review and Tutorial

    Atomic Asset Exchange (AAX) Exchange was launched in November 2019 and is a relative newcomer to the cryptocurrency exchange scene. The Exchange is based in Hong Kong and spent over 19 months in development and testing before launch. AAX offers spot trading as well as derivatives products. In this review we take a look at […]

  • Huobi Exchange Review

    Huobi Exchange Review

    Huobi (meaning “fire coin“) is one of the oldest and most reputable Chinese based exchanges. The exchange a range of services, including spot exchange, futures and options, Huobi IEO platform, OTC, and Lending platform. With over $3 Billion dollars worth of USD trades per day, the platform boasts one the largest trading volumes and communities […]